Materials for professionals responsible for the prescription of a program of physical exercise

In this section you will find all the information and tools necessary for the individualized prescription of a multicomponent program of physical exercise.
Download the whole passport package through this link, or download only that you need through the links shown below:

Vivifrail Physical Exercise Passport for Professionals

The passport of physical exercise is aimed at professionals and specialists in physical exercise. You can find all the necessary steps for the implementation of the Vivifrail program.DOWNLOAD

Exercise wheels by functional level type

Download the specific exercise wheels for each functional level that include the exercises, series and repetitions that should be done every week.

Vivifrail promotion poster for Exercise Prescription Centers

Download the poster to promote the participation in the Vivifrail program of elderly people who come to centers and consultations. Step by step the way to participate in the exercise program that best suits your initial situation is described.

Vivifrail Test Poster

Download the poster that explains the components of the Vivifrail test and the recommended exercise programs. If you deploy it in your workplace, it will facilitate the prior assessment process necessary for the recommendation of an individualized program.

Prescription materials

Passports of Vivifrail Physical Exercise for Participants

Depending on the functional level and risk of falls that each participant has, up to six different types of physical exercise programs can be downloaded. Passports with the "+" symbol are for those with risk of falls.
Download the entire passport package through this link.

Passport type A

Download the Passport type A for people with disabilities.

Passport type B

Download the Passport type B for people with fragility.

Passport type B +

Download the Passport type B + for people with fragility and risk of falls.

Passport type C

Download the Type C Passport for people with pre-frailty.

Passport type C +

Download the Passport type C + for people with pre-fragility and risk of falls.

Passport type D

Download the Passport type D for robust people.

Passport type E

Download the Passport type E for robust people (Advanced level).

Exercise wheel E

Download exercise wheel E for robust people. (Advanced level)

App and e-book

Download e-book with videos of the exercises and extended information about Vivifrail. You can also install the Vivifrail App that will allow you to digitally track the exercise program.