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First meeting of the vivifrail project in Spain

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Place: Public University of Navarra and Universitary Hospital of Getafe
Address: , Pamplona - Getafe

Vivifrail project partners visited Pamplona (NavarraSpainon 25 and 26 May for the first meeting of the teamLater on, they met at the University Hospital of Getafe (MadridSpain).

asistentes-eventoThe Faculty of Health Sciences at the Public University of Navarra was the first workplace in the visit to Spain of the European project partners. Coordinated by the UPNA, handed by Mikel Izquierdo, Professor of Physiotherapy, the objective is to promote the vivifrail project among people over 70 years, with a program of physical exercise that combines strength training, balance and walking to prevent falls and fragility.

After their arrival in Pamplona they have been received by the Vice Chancellor of International Relations of the UPNA, Javier Casali Sarasibar, knowing first hand the facilities of the Public University of Navarra.

On May 26 they visited the CEIMD (Centre for Studies, Research and Sports Medicine) of the Government of Navarra, with Dr. Esteban Gorostiaga, who has introduced the innovations in the premises of the institution and its objectives, campaigns and fulfilled projects. Through its website all scientific publications of 20 years of research and practical work are accessible. In addition, the team has noted the different physical recovery activities carried out in the Center, along with technology and measurement systems showing the results of these actions tools.

Subsequently, the team has visited the Pavilion of Geriatrics of the Hospital of Navarra. Dr. Nicolas Martinez-Velilla, Geriatrics Physician of Navarra Hospital and president of the Navarre Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, explained the good practices implemented with the elderly hospitalized in intensive care. Exercise programs are customized for each patient, allowing older people to achieve an improvement in their quality of life.

Furthermore, on May 27 the delegation visited the University Hospital of Getafe, in Madrid, with the help of Leocadio Rodríguez-Mañas, head of the Department of Geriatrics of the Hospital, also a partner of the project, and Dr. Cristina Alonso, from the same department. Both professionals have introduced to the rest of partners in programs being implemented in their Unit with seniors. In addition, Dr. Rodríguez-Mañas presented the activities that are being developed in collaboration
with the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the University Hospital of Getafe as well as the practical applications of this work.

Throughout the whole visit, the team has participated in several working sessions aimed at achieving the targets set in the project until December 2016, and the implementation of joint actions.